When is the Hollywood Theatre taking over Movie Madness?
Thanks to an incredible outpouring of support for our #SaveMovieMadness campaign, the Hollywood will assume ownership of Movie Madness on January 1, 2018. But you might not even notice at first: We will be retaining the current staff and working with them to roll out needed improvements, while doing our best to preserve the character of the video store Portland knows and loves.

What’s happening with the Movie Madness screening room?
While we didn’t reach our stretch goal to fund a community screening room at Movie Madness, we remain committed to this project - it just might take us a little while. We are continuing to fundraise for the construction, as well as exploring sponsorship and grant opportunities. If you pledged to receive a private party at the Movie Madness screening room, you’ll be first in line once the screening room is built!

Can I still give to the campaign?
Absolutely! Make a fully tax-deductible donation to support Movie Madness here.

Is my Kickstarter donation tax deductible? Will I receive a tax receipt?
Because the Hollywood Theatre is a nonprofit organization, all non-reward contributions are fully tax deductible. If you opt to receive a reward, your contribution will be tax deductible less the fair market value of rewards received. All donors will receive a receipt for their tax records which will specify the total tax deductibility of their gift. Donors who gave less than $250 will receive email receipts; donors who gave $250 or more will receive paper receipts in the mail. Don’t forget! Your donation is also eligible for a tax credit when you make a matching donation to the Oregon Cultural Trust.

When do I get my reward?
We'll be sending out backer surveys and updates via Kickstarter to collect information and provide updates about reward timelines. So don't delete those Kickstarter emails! (Feel free to contact info@hollywoodtheatre.org with specific questions.)

I’m a Hollywood Theatre member. Can I get free movies at Movie Madness?
We are currently strategizing ways to incorporate membership benefits into Movie Madness and will unveil a plan in spring of 2018. Existing Hollywood Theatre member benefits will remain in place until that time.

I’m interested in volunteering at Movie Madness. Where do I sign up?
Because we will be retaining the current Movie Madness staff, we don’t have any immediate need for volunteers. The Hollywood Theatre is always looking for help, though - learn more here.

I have 10 boxes of old VHS tapes in the garage. Can I donate them to Movie Madness?
While we definitely plan to continue growing the collection by purchasing new and rare titles, we are not accepting donated titles at this time.